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Hawktagon began in a 1999 GMC Jimmy during the pandemic. Bobby Hawk and Paige Butz were two strangers that left New York City and ended up in the same small Florida town, waiting for the world to be okay again. They spent their days jamming to a dusty Shania Twain CD, finding eccentric Spotify genres (space age bachelor pad, anyone?), and coming up with new melodies. 

Rob came from a diverse musical background of jazz, bluegrass and pop. Paige came from a career in musical theatre and a love of folk and '80s music.They combined their varied musical histories to create a unique sound rooted in a mutual appreciation for rock and folk music. Their project draws inspiration from Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell, and Allison Krauss.

The duo can typically be found in Florida or New York City. Hawktagon just finished writing an EP and will be recording it this year.

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