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Bobby Hawk, who's performed with Abigail Washburn, Jacob Jolliff, Clint Black, Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks and many others, is officially setting sail on his first solo enterprise. 

His music starts on the guitar, but then quickly broadens to the orchestral elements Bobby appreciates so much.  It’s a simple blade of grass surrounded by a Bavarian Forest, simultaneously new and old.  

It’s a monk’s chant, a call to what is missing in our lives and a reminder of how music can help to answer and fill that void.

What genres do you love? What makes you passionate about music? These are the questions Bobby asked himself when writing and recording these new songs over the last year.

Bobby set out to unearth a brand new collection of songs on hisupcoming release, “Lights on, Kinks Out.” The record will be two-sided, documenting his past year in the studio with producer Ryan Hommel and sound engineer Andrew Oedel. With collaborators such as Alec Spiegelman, Ana Egge, Zara Bode, Zac Colwell, and Ryan?. The group has unearthed a sonic garden filled with woodwinds, strings, a warm blanket of percussion, and a fiddler’s ear for melody.

Bobby faced a violent storm in Burlington, Vermont on December 29th, 2016 to buy the guitar that would become hiswriting partner. Within a couple of months, the tracks were laid and we had the beginnings of a record! With just a few more tweaks, it will soon be ready. We are excited to share the songs with you!

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